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Monday, April 15, 2019

MARCH Highlights

hello there! 

it's already the end of March! which is also end of the first quarter of the year! could you believe time really does flies by so fast, and as everyday we live through it - it's a real blessing from God. So much going on in March, which i think i spent the most this month, on well - skincares on promotions, facial packages, props and pretty stuffs, some flight tickets! yay will be going for Butterfly Party in April! super excited. Overall, i think my bank is crying this month. but I'd be stopping now - after my humidifier comes. time to work on some part-time stuffs to earn extra income? anyone wanna commission my noob artworks? haha 

  • Clean eating habit! yay I am now sugarless drinker and fried food at the most once a week chance with minimal cravings and limited consumption each time! I eat much less now, and i don't force myself to finish my plate, manage the portion part of my intake well this month.
  • Started to listen to music as much as I can  - current endless loop BTS (방탄소년단) - Answer: Love Myself & Shaun Way Back Home
  • Practicing self-love alot and meditate every night now - time to get myself a air humidifier! :P
  • Build up a everyday workout exercise habit! yay! slowly but surely. though aren't extreme exercise yet. 

  • I spent too much money this month! Time to really pull out an Expenses book to control myself! I have to really stop looking and scrolling in Shopee. Shopping is sadly addictive and easy nowadays. not good for the wallet. period.
  • To draw more on original pieces and explore styles and colouring - 3artworks/weekly goal
  • Time management and prioritization! Daytime job and juggle with Sides at night 
  • Online courses new skill learning on Udemy or Skillshare 
  • Work on HIIT Workout! 


let's start Q2 with a nice flower partyy! i am so excited for the upcoming months and to be better step-by-step! 

until next magical day,
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