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Thursday, May 2, 2019


It’s here It’s here! 

A’Bloom is the recent brainchild for Altheas’s Exclusives. The brand carries a quirky, cute and fun concept with cute prints and packaging which differentiate them from their usual Althea Collection line. With the cute concept in place, the product itself is suited for almost everyday products with Juicy sheet masks, convenient Blackhead busters and the most adorable Meringue Makeup Sponge!

It’s an all new Beauty Playground! 
Just launched recently on the 23rd of April, I literally hoarded their 10+10 Sheet Mask deals! And got myself over 80 sheets of masks. So before I give a breakdown on the wonderful products. 

Here’s 5 Reasons why ALTHEA’s A’BLOOM is worth every penny sen you have: 

  1. Current Promotion! 10+10 Sheet Masks Buy 10 Free 10 at RM15. That’s like 20 sheet for RM15 = RM0.75/each
  2. Packs a punch with quality ingredients! – Sheet masks are Juicy with Ampoules. Yes, Ampoules. Again form RM2 a sheet. BEST DEAL OF ALL TIME!
  3. Convenient packaging for to go! The Blackhead Buster comes in a twisty tube, for you to rub on your blackhead prone areas like a glue stick! No Mess. No Stres! 
  4. Cutest packaging along with squishy Makeup sponges that has both nice tip for hard to reach areas and also a big cute base for efficient application. 
  5. Good reliable skincare that doesn’t burn any wallet. You can try all those within RM50 if you can manage to resist the RM15 10 sheet mask. 

Here’s the link if you’re tempted already. 

I had so much fun shooting for these cute products! There was so many concepts planned out in my brain that you can play around with just because they are already colourful and cute to begin with. For this, I worked with lovely Fay at for this light flatlay concept. 


Starting off with their Juicy sheet masks! With 4 Variant, with super punny names for each one. I enjoyed the creativity and their packaging so much. 

  • Water-Me-Long already screams hydration all over it! Pun intended. The ampoules with Watermelon as one of the key ingredients, this will definitely cool down dry skins and give them the extra plump. 
  • Sparkle-Me-Bright will be useful to get your radiant back from your dull skin, the vitamin C boost from the Lemon and Lime will not only refreshes the skin, anti-oxidants from the Green Tea will also help fight off darkspots! 
  • Avo-Cuddle-Me hugging your skin tightly with Avocado and Hibiscus extract. To help you smoothen your heart out along with anti-aging hints and fine lines. Everyone loves cuddles and hugs not matter what age, keeping the youth at heart. 
  • Ac-Me-Peach is probably the mask I look forward to trying out even though my skin is not as acne prone as it could be. But solely because it has peach extract and I loveee peachy scents or anything peach flavoured. This was like YASSS! BUY BUY BUY! It’s good with minimizing pores so I can make use of it although not in the acne side of the function. But it’s a great gift sent down for my boyfriend.

And.. because I have mentioned the hoarding happened. I will be doing a full detailed review on the masks after a week’s worth of usage and come back with my thoughts and results on the face. Stay tuned for more information on this set of lovely products! 


The Blackhead Buster was among interesting finds for the collection and I am looking forward to try this out myself! The product is roughly larger than our usual lipstick size and it slides up and down nicely which I personally think it is perfectly convenient! As you only apply to concerned areas like nose and chin, sometimes forehead of the T-zones, the charcoal will do its magic removing excess sebum. 

Again look forward to trying this out myself, and I have already purchase for my boyfriend to tryout this experiment too! So we shall see if it will be able to handle the gentlemen’s skin who is not a regular skincare expert. 


Lastly, the cutest of them all for the launch, was the Meringue Puffs! Comes in with 1 Giant BALL OF FLOOFF or 3 Baby FLOOOFKINS. This squishy makeup sponge is so addictive to touch and squish. With added pinky colours and the cake topping packaging. This adorable looks like real edible meringue on first glance! It also grows bigger if you dampen it for a more smooth application!


credits to A'Bloom Launch Page

Go visit Althea’s A’BLOOM Collection yourself and get yourself some superr affordable skincare!
There is an on-going launch contest to win yourself a set of this cuties! go check out their Instagram at for more details and if you are on Instastories! you can check out their super cute GIFS Stickers too! And if you are new ; Here’s 20% to get you your first purchase even cheaper!

Until next magical day,

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