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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Althea Angel Welcome Box | Spread your Wings

I have always been a fan of since the beginning and they have always been my go-to place to shop for affordable korean skincare. Initially, i'm not really a hoarder - so it takes me awhile to finish my stash because the lazy bum me last year was not as religiously using her 'supposed' routine. I started to really make sure i do my AM & PM routine this year, and finally understood the wonders they do to your face! okay okay, its never too late. prevention is better than cure! 

so from there I started to really get into studying more on skincare ingredients and stuffs to cure my pigmentation, the blog is more lively now with more reviews and i am happy to be sharing them with you. Until today, 80% of my skincare are from Althea, its a small collection for now - but trust me, its growing quite fast because of my recent hoarding. 20% would be stuffs i get from physical stores. 

Growing slowly as a blogger, my confidences to do vlogs and selfies and makeups are not quite there yet. but what i really do enjoy and really motivates me alot when get compliments for my aesthetic product shoots! In April, when i received an email mentioning I have been chosen to be part of the Althea Angel Community. I was in for a big surprise but so overwhelmed and touch to be part of this. Imagine a fangirl getting noticed by their idol. yes. that exact feeling. 

People would think, its a privilege and how awesome it is to get first hand dibs on launches and all sorts. but I am more thankful, because its like a full on acknowledgement and appreciation for my content.  It's crazy, the happy feeling is really really motivating and I look forward to really contribute to Althea's amazing empowerment. I was really proud of this shoot and super dedicate it to the team at Althea Korea.

Thank you Althea, thank you for letting me spread my wings for you. 


okay, i'll stop with gratitude, probably getting emotional but let's move on to see...
whats in my Welcome Gift Box! 

aside from the cutest pink box, it came with an exclusive Angel hand mirror, Angel makeup pouch, and a heartwarming encouraging Welcome card from Althea's Head of Creative Communication. Together in the box, is also their own...

i have heard so much of this collection during their launch, but haven't gotten to try it out until my current routine is emptied. But it came just in time for my switch! I can't wait to try it out! Will be doing a more detailed review on the products once i've tried them out but for now, here's some first impression on the set. 

HIGHLIGHT! for a sucker who is packaging influenced. this set is sooo calming to see and touch the blurred matte jar and bottle and tube. simplicity at its best! the box is simple yet relevant too! I like the secret pink lines among the greys. winks* still keeping atleast a touch of pink. 

rich cleanser that smells super refreshing and i like the texture of the lather. first try was a really good impression! and it cleans well too leaving a fresh feeling after-feel.

this lovely bottle of joy, the moment i've opened and smelled this - i fell in love. prior to this, i get to try out this product from fayyy. during our Butterfly trip. yes. the smooth after-feel. NON-STICKY face just screams, best toner/primer water for me.

carries a creamy texture which i was quite hesitant, but the smell and once applied. It really feels hydrating and to my surprise! NOT STICKY TOO! instant plus point for non-sticky creams because it just means that it absorbs really well to my skin. fingers crossed to fix my hydration up!


Can't wait to try out these Bare Necessities and Essentials of Life. 
*Sings Bare Necessities - Jungle Book, Disney

until next magical day,

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