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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Botanically Beautiful with YVES ROCHER Malaysia | Review

if you have read my Butterfly Birthday Party post, you would know that Yves Rocher was also celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year! Upon being seated at the party, we were all presented with Yves Rocher's 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Box! and inside are 3 star products to celebrate the lovely day together!

It's my first time trying out the brand I cannot believe myself - for not knowing about them before, to be honest, body care is quite basic for my family and we are so used to getting great deals off the drugstore that I never realize that there is so much we can do to reduce chemicals on our everyday usage. BUT EVEN THOUGH THEY MIGHT SOUND QUITE LUXURIOUS because they originated from France, but honestly if you do calculation and as i browse thru their online shop on Shopee, they are actually quite affordable! as you consider the effort they put in to make sure its :

as the few common highlights! 

I am very lucky that i don't have sensitive skin, so i guess i have survive chemicals thus far. but being somebody who would love to contribute to the environment and be part of the Zero-Waste community. This is really great effort to start! 

so let's try out these lovely gifts!

I love their concentrated eco-shower gels that can sustain you up to 40 showers in a small 100ml bottle. As claimed, ONE drop is enough to wash your entire body! With this innovation means that everyone use less plastic for their bottles -  Since 2017, this product has saved 29 metric tonnes of plastic! at only RM27! I received their Olive Petit Grain bottle - with super legit olive scent! Although i'd prefer fruity scented body care, which gives me some curiosity to try out their Pomegranate Pink Berries, Mango Coriander scents! if you fancy floral - they have Lotus Flower, and Tiare Ylang Ylang. 

THE PACKAGING is spot on! and perfectly travel friendly-i brought it to my outstation trips, and it fits nicely in my pouch. the bottle is also leak-proof with a sturdy cap. yes. no loose flipping. BEST OF ALL, i love the fact that it doesn't drip out just like that - my first use, i was curious how does the first drop work? like do i measure it when i turn it over? how do i make sure i don't over double-drop? you know what i mean?  the answer my friends, is a gentle squeeze! one gentle squeeze and you'll get a dollop just enough for the entire body! the shower gel does not come out if you flip it upside down. 

THE SCENT is entirely olive scented. not overpowering and quite mild if you ask me. I came out the shower not smelling very obviously olive-fied. so it feels really raw and original to me, cause it just proves that they don't heavily focus on chemical fragrance.

THE TEXTURE was a bit weird in the beginning, cause im soo used to using liquid shower gels at home, where i'd pump quite an amount. Yves Rocher's concentrated shower gel was a little more light and watery at the texture, as you rub around your body it lathers quite well with extra water to balance out the concentration. again-was not very used to the not so foaming feel. but overall it was a clean and fresh feeling after shower! 

The Hydra Vegetal range is quite known for its hydration benefits with quite an amount of possitive feedbacks and reviews online! packed with Edulis Cellular Water, it claims to moisturize dehydrated skin because the saps of the plant can survive harsh climates, keeping itself hydrated up to 48hrs. 
so, sounds good for a dehydrated skin category me yes? we shall see.. 

THE PACKAGING is lovely with 25% less plastic on the tube, and the cap is probably the highlight here with the direct cap! which you dont need the whole screwing the cap on like the normal detachable caps. Leak-proof and its quite sturdy at the cap.the transparent blue is also nice to see their cleansing gel at its best true form and volume. 

THE SCENT was not my favourite, it took me awhile to accept it because it smelled quite medicated and herby-like, similar to nail polish remover at one point, could it be the Blue Agave sap scent? but thankfully its only upon sniffing directly from the bottle and application, the scent will slowly be mild to nothing. Took me awhile to get used to it, but overall okay. 

THE TEXTURE is watery gel, and washes quite well as it didn't leave any reaction to my face. although it did felt a little warm if you leave it on too long sometime. has the fresh feel after wash! Surprises me also that it doesn't have a foamy lather! i'd like if it foams more though.

Apart from the two above, the last product as part of the Butterfly Project Birthday Box was their Anti-Pollution Detox Micellar Shampoo! Micellar itself is term quite popular recently with alot of makeup removers and facial wash using it as part of their new ranges. Guess what? This was my most favourite product of the lot and I really REALLY liked how the after feel feels like to my hair and also to my hands as i wash it off! squeaky clean feeling approves! My hair also feel less oily and clumpy but i have yet to finish the whole bottle to fully declare my peasenthood to this potential-hair-holy-grail. 

THE PACKAGING is more basic, but flat up and just nice for storage. Same leak-proof tight cap that needs quite a force to open it with a thumb. Plus points its a recyclable bottle. But as you pour, this one needs to be some what control and be careful as its not restricted like their concetrated shower gels. 

THE SCENT most probably carries the Moringa scent that has a fresh and clean scent but florally enough to relax you! Again, no prominent scent after my hair is dried. but no complaints as long as its oil-free hair, i am very the happy! 

THE TEXTURE is very watery, and i was quite surprise on my first try! it carries a gel-like texture but watery feel, so it was not thick, thats why to be careful as you use it. It lathers well and thank goodness still has the foaming feel that i prefer for my shampoo! decent amount of bubble/foam. but enough to make you feel your hair is really getting cleaned properly. and YES, i love he after feel when you rinse it off! CAUSE IT FEELS VERY CLEAN AND DETOXING. lol for both the hair and my hands.

Purchase their 'I Love My Planet' products - concentrated shower gels & Eco labelled shampoos! and

Keep a lookout for this logo on their packaging, and you'd be happy to know you are helping the planet planting trees for the better environment! Please support the cause via their Foundation page and check out their super contribution towards the planet being one of the top brands that is really making stands to save our environment with eco-friendly products! 


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📍Sunway Pyramid G1-125
📍IOI City Mall G73A

until next magical day,
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  1. Insightful post! Makes me wanna get one and try too :D

    1. glad can be of details! hahaha you can try the shower gels! i think they are on offer for Shopee! :D