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Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Butterfly Project Malaysia 6th Birthday Party | #Butterflyturns6


Being part of the community, from the noobie caterpillar me, to- i guess - a growing butterfly me. The community has given me so much opportunity for my humble little blog, from a random daily diary to niche beauty/skincare. even as a person i met so much new people along the way.

when, they announced this year's birthday party.

as a east malaysian, its always sad to see so many great events happening on the west while our hearts screams we'd love to go - it usually comes with costs counting from flights to accommodations to living expenses. prior to the event, i was literally almost daily stalking AirAsia or any other airlines for the lowest rate to fly with Fay! it was then i decided i wanted to go and really meet the people whom i've been following and stalking pretty contents from.

Blessed that i manage to drag Fay along, and joined up with Myra for the party! really glad we took the plunge and went for our little staycation getaway. Get to reunite with my buttsie, Patricia at the party too. it was a nice experience for us to get along more closer and now the kk butterflies needs to grow bigger? don't you think so?

In celebration for our lovely 6th birthday! the theme was Pastel Floral Garden! Imagine Flower crowns, Flower bouquets, Floral decor, Garden themed food & tea, Whimsical balloons and beautiful Butterflies dressed up in Pastel Floral outfits!   

The setting and setup was so lovely, the location has a good share of sunlight - perfect for photos!
Can you imagine an indoor mini garden itself at the event space? They have it in Vilej Damansara. The space itself was beautifully decorated with white and pink balloons at the seating area, and impressive giant balloons at the 'Selfie Garden'! Giant balloons has dried flowers inside them to cater to the party theme! Cheers to the amazing balloons decor by The Blossom Balloons!

And what's a floral party theme without the real deal flowers right? YES, WE BUTTERFLIES LOVE OUR FLOWERS VERY MUCH! Also on the decor, the space was filled with floral decor everywhere! roses, baby's breaths, some daisies, chrysanthemums and my favourite Gerbera! The gorgeous fresh flowers were sponsored by Avant Garde Blooms!

Thank you Eros for this full on concentration mode photo of me. 
Not only did they provided the floral decors for the overall look for the party, we also had a session where we made our own flower crowns! I had so much fun at this hands-on activity and was super excited to make my own crown. in fact! it was my favourite part of the party! although, please leave your wedding crowns to the professionals. haha it was not as easy as it looks! but everyone did a great job on their crowns! 

As we are seated at our table, the welcome gifts was so thoughtful! I have always love personalized gifts and handmade stuffs because there's so much effort, sincerity and heart in it! Hand-written name on my Yves Rocher Limited Edition 60th Birthday box, Specially made floral balloon selfie props by The Blossom Balloons, hand-drawn macarons by Macarons by Madeleine, thoughtful necklace from Tammy at Butterfly Project itself - Officially a butterfly now ya? So much heart put into all these lovely gifts. It was truly an honor to be able to receive these.

Joanne Kam Poh Poh! was the opening act for the birthday celebration after we blow out our butterfly cupcakes by Jom Party. Seeing her posters the first time before anything else on social media prior to the party already makes me look forward to her show - quirky, relatable, and hamsap. really enjoyed her jokes! I'll coming for your full stand up comedy show the next time i get a chance! 

As we celebrate Butterfly Project's 6th Birthday, Yves Rocher is also celebrating their 60th year of committed beauty! with their #BOTANICALBEAUTY theme! That's 6 decade more for us to reach there! They are having an on-going promotion, so please stop-by their physical stores and show them my IG post to get your 50% off before 12th MAY 2019! There products packaging are so thoughtful to the current environment, really appreciate all the effort put into it to minimize plastic waste. 

Not forgetting the final highlight for the party- FOOODD! Jom Party's foood spread! I shall let the photos speak for itself. It was so mesmerizing and the colour composition for the food spread was spot on! - artistic critic alert. but yes! not only does it looks good! it tastes good too! IF YOU ARE ORDERING FROM THEM, PLEASE INCLUDE THE TARTS! I love the tarts to bits! both chocolate and passion fruit/citrus version of it! Thank you for the amazing food Jom Party!

Served with super convenient tea drink station, T-Sticks team where there to introduce us handy to-go T-sticks. literally Tea - sticks. No Mess, No Drips, No Spoons. The infuser sticks were so interesting and convenient! they have 10 selection of teas too! we get to choose a flavour as part of the little gifts to bring home, and i choose the Fruity Forest Tea!


To close to event, the Best Dress Goddess were announced!
Congratulations to the lovely Butterfly Goddess for the crown.

with an Honorary mention for Rawlins - I think he rocks every theme party he'll ever be.


It was really nice to meet everyone in person, and to be in the same event hall with 100 bloggers/youtubers/content creators - butterflies to be more exact, who shares the same passion and interest really motivates and encourages me to blog and share more often. To the dedicated team, Mama-san Tammy, and the amazing team who have made all this possible, thank you so much for the hard work and dedication and passion you guys have put into this community!

photo credit to the awesome photographer team, at The Butterfly Project - Bo & Eros

Here's my 9 Grid for the event #Butterflyturns6, which you can check out on my instagram! as they all have multiple photos inside each posting go give some love to the amazing sponsors! . :) I'll be posting separate reviews for Yves Rocher gift sets and my T-Sticks Tea soon! so, stay tuned for the review breakdown.


The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a community group that helps bloggers grow and learn!

The Butterfly Project
"The name was inspired by a local magazine - Female Magazine when they showcased a series of challenges for a group of women to undergo makeovers ranging from beauty to lifestyle called the Female Butterfly Project. Much like America's The Swan without the plastic surgery and dental work. Since then, Tammy has initiated her own group of women bloggers to inspire and challenge them to makeover themselves through blogging. The community's tagline "Beauty From Head To Toemeant becoming beautiful from the inside and out."

see you in the next birthday party?

until next magical day

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  1. So much fun! Lovely post! Can't wait to read more from you ��

    1. thank youu dear! wish you were there together with us too!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Any event is an excuse for me to dress up and make up!