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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Lost & Found for the Forgetful with TAGLA | Tech Review

“Ma, have you seen my phone?”
“BBY! Can you check if my keys is in your car?”
“Where I parked the car ah?”
“EH! alamak – where I put my.."
Are the common reactions of yours truly. Being a clumsy – ‘big headed prawn’ me. I not only breaks stuffs, I lose stuffs quite often too! Thankfully it’s usually misplacing it somewhere at home or somewhere where I left off after using it. For a person who brings their phone to the toilet, to nap, to the kitchen – ehem! The potential location will surprise you sometimes – spoken from experiences here!

When I was in USA, I was introduce to such technology by my boss, Royal. It was so handy! But was also pricey during that time in USD $ somemore! As I heard we have our own, TAGLA in Malaysia! It was pretty happy to get to work with them on this post.

TAG La is a Bluetooth tracker that not only tracks your items, but also can be used as a camera selfie remote! Currently, the company has sold over 70K of it's TAGLA trackers. With its own app, the lost items can simply be find by tapping the button in the app to ring the item. if you do not hear any BEEPING. then.. goodluck buddy!  fret not! can try the Community Search features to look for your lost item.

It comes in a round shaped piece, representing the time.
The latest TAGLA V2 round-shaped represents a clock, watch and serves as a daily reminder to treasure time and live our day efficiently.
Slim enough for slip-in wallets but big enough to know its existence.

Color available – Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and I chose White!
 I was in a dilemma between black, white and yellow – but decided on white. Because girl. And keys gotta look abit girl abit. But Yellow really stands out well and black is perfect for guys. Especially if they are slipping it in their wallets – because they don’t usually lose their keys, but more to misplacing their wallets. Haha atleast I know that’s my boy.

The app interface is quite user-friendly and very straight forward to use. As you have more TAGLA trackers you can set them up accordingly! not complicated at all and quite hassle free. 


it's RM79.9/one @ Above RM100 for FREE SHIPPING!

Friends Pack 3 For RM199.90 – NP:239.70 RM66.6/pcs
Family Pack 6 For RM 369.9 – NP:RM479.40 RM61.7/pcs

That's about RM20 OFF for family packs! 

Now with TAGLA you can make sure everything is with you before you go out with – “ WAIT, LEMME CHECK IF I GOT BRING MY PASSPORT “ – Beeps. Safe – let’s go! and i'd probably be less of a clumsy forgetful person with this handy device. 



*Product was sent to me by TAG LA in exchange for an honest review. The above written are based on personal experiences on the product. 

until next magical day,

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