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Sunday, June 30, 2019

What's Your Chronotype? | Your Best Productivity Timeframe

This new quarter i'll be sharing a lot on productivity as I practice them for myself, i hope to share positive impacts it has given me! I stumble upon an article on Chronotypes at Bustle on Facebook where you will have to identify your chronotype and understand when do you work best. Totally got me curious, and I went on to read up on Bulletproof's 'Being a Morning Person Isn't the Key to Productivity, This Is.' As I read and understood more, I realized - the morning person in me will never happen. period.


So what is a Chronotype? 
chronotype is the behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms of myriad physical processes. A person's chronotype is the propensity for the individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period. - Wikipedia

The Power of When, written by Dr. Micheal Breus - explains that everyone has their own time clock ticking in them, depending on which Chronotype you are, you work best at your energy peak time! 

What's YOUR Chronotype?
Take this quiz by answering a few questions to find out below!

That totally explains why I was never a morning person - and all my energy are hyped up during the evening. Getting to know my chronotype helps me prioritize my energy storage, and helps me plan more properly so I don't waste too much time on brain draining task during the day - while i focus more on routine or easy tasks during my zoning time frame.

credits Sam Parks @
Honestly it helped me so much in planning my everyday task and idea generations. I feel more productive everyday making sure all my energy was utilized fully at the right timing!


Below are some understanding of other Chronotypes that I read about around :

Bear are the chillax self-paced, who prefers to get their seven or eight hours of sleep and will hit the snooze button a few times in the morning, topping as the most common chronotype because their energy levels follows the sun 
Dolphins are  highly intelligent perfectionists and light sleepers as the brain is constantly moving, seems that they are the regular insomiacs 
Lions wake up early without an alarm clock and just get going but energy dips in mid afternoon and tucks in early/on-time.

Here's more great reads on the topic too! planning to get the book myself to know alot more. 

Here’s the Perfect Daily Schedule That Corresponds to Your Chronotype |


Hope you will be able to identify your Chronotype and work your way towards your best timing!
thank you to Dr.Beuss for such an interesting discovery!

until next magical day,
Friday, June 28, 2019

Calling all Potato Peoples! | US Fries Fest 2019 Kota Kinabalu

Hello Potato People! 

who says no to potatoes right? from salads to french fries to mash potatoes. our lovable carb is always there in all forms of food, they works wonders on both eastern and western delicacies too! Malaysians love their fries and know how to appreciate good fries. 
DID YOU KNOW?  Malaysia is one of the 6th largest export markets for U.S. frozen potatoes in Asia.  
The U.S. Fries Fiesta just launched and will will showcase various exciting dishes made with U.S. fries. One of the highlights of this Fiesta is that it provides an opportunity for the public to acquaint themselves to the different frozen fries varieties.  Many of the participating outlets are offering new cuts of U.S. fries for the first time! 

“We want to create the ultimate gastronomic satisfaction for Malaysian consumers and provide them the opportunity to savour the “best fries served with tasty dishes” via the U.S. Fries Fiesta in Kota Kinabalu,” said Eddie. I guess he meant, normal fries can be served as fancy dishes too! 

photos credits : Potatoes USA Malaysia
Eddie Saw, Potatoes USA’s country representative mentioned that they are bringing the fiesta to Kota Kinabalu as there are many creative and fantastic chefs has the ability to excite and create culinary leveled presentation of food with common ingredients like their U.S. fries together with the wide range of local ingredients from Sabah. As U.S. fries promise many advantages including better flavour, taste and texture and distinctly enhanced the dishes – making them out of the ordinary fries fare they are used to.   

Kota Kinabalu's Participating Outlets for the US Potato Goodness are among impressive Restaurants & Bistros in town! I can't wait to go on a real food trail while they introduce their own Potato featured dish! I am sure we are familiar with these local big names in the foodie industry. Can you see those drooling yummy potatoes servings above? 

Which one would you try first?


but wait?
I'm on diet?

There is a Facebook Creative Photo Contest where the public can win dining vouchers on a weekly basis with 3 grand prize of an Ipad at the end of contest.  All you need to do is :
  1. Order one US Fries Fiesta dish from one of the participating outlets
  2. Flatlay Photoshoot all you can as creative as you can be! 
  3. Post a creative caption with the photo of the U.S Potatoes dish
  4. hashtag #MYPotatoesUSA & Check-in & Follow MY Potatoes USA Facebook page
**Make sure your profile is set to Public**  
Judges will select the most creative post. All weekly winners will be in the running for the grand prize! The contest will end on 11.59pm, 31st July 2019 

For more information, visit they Facebook page at MY Potatoes USA!
or on U.S. Fries Fiesta, please call Kent Low or Eddie Saw at (03) 8070-7216.


Shall I plan for my Potato Foodie Trail?

until next magical day,
Saturday, June 15, 2019

Currently On-My-Face Skincare Routine | Day & Night #1

hey hey! 
sharing a little on my current daily skincare routine, because I have emptied out my moisturizer and its time for a reveal and decision making to try out new set or to repurchase?

I used to be a lazy bum when it comes to skincare routine, ehem. I love sheet masks and I make sure I buy good cleansers. but when it comes to my after cleansing skincare - truth to be told, I am still looking for the best one yet and have just started being super religiously applying last year Q3 on and off of 2018 and really stick to it as a habit in 2019 - time to really catch up. Hoping from skincare brands to another, I can finally reveal, the skincare line that I felt, deemed worthy for a repurchase until I find a good recommendation. 

My Skin Type : Overall Dry / Combination on T-Zones / Pigmentation
No-nos : Sticky after feels/ Creamy Textures 

yeap, if you're reading this, you'd probably be like.. uh but dry skins need the creams for hydration - but if I don't like the creamy after feel. how? well, too bad? but I have found some acceptable texture that makes me smile whenever I smother my face with it! 

here's the reveal! 

Cleanser - it's Skin Cleansing Foam- currently trying out the brand cause the fambam bought tons during our trip to Busan last year. Cleanses the face - okay. don't feel the wow effect for any repurchase yet. Honestly, I alternate days for morning washes with regular water rinse and cleanser wash so it won't be so dry.

Toner / Essence - The Body Shop - Vitamin E Essence Boost - super love this Essence Boost its like  ultimate favourite and must have for both my day and night skincare routine. Smells amazing too! 1 Bottle actually lasts quite long even for daily usage. so the price was worth it. I am down to my last few uses!

Essense/Ampoule - it's Skin VC Boost - I can use this Vitamin C on my day routine as researches said it doesn't go well is AHA/BHAs which was mainly my night routine. The booster was a bestseller for it's Skin's line. so far, i did noticed a decrease in my pigmentation, although not sure if it was because of my Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture combo which I ran out earlier in January. But I got my second purchase! so we shall see if it really reduces pigmentation in a long run! honestly loe how affordable it is.


Moisturizer - Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream Regular Day - because most of the time my concerns are my pigmentation. Heard much about the Palmer's brand. So far, noticed its suppose to be for oily skin type. The texture is quite creamy but it has a sketchy feel to my skin whenever applied. However, no breakouts or anything. so I'll continue using the tub.

Sunblock - Api'eu Waterlock - Been religiously putting on sunblock everyday now. because the regrets for my face have never felt so deep because I never liked to use sunblock because of the sticky texture. Ever since I finished my Vella Sun Essences, I couldn't find it anywhere to buy anymore. So I went back to being a complaining kid on sunblocks. Recently finished my Etude House Sunprise, but Api'eu's was quite acceptable during my Busan trip - so again, I bought a few to stock up.

Final - Althea Velvet Petal - The final step will have to be the velvety finish because after the sunblock, my face is usually dewy and sticky. So its a must for one light layer of the loose powder. it helps keep everything in take for the day too! You can read up a detail review for this holy grail final touch at the Althea Velvet Petal post!

I hardly uses any additional makeups - honestly its pretty bare. I use eyeliners and eyebrow linings with mild lip tinting/lipstick on an everyday basis.


night routine, i go all out. which i used to be not much of a fan. but as we age, gotta really work on the maintenance. I am more lenient for sticky after-feel for night routine, because as much as i don't really like it, its still needed for my dry skin type.

Makeup Remover - Clean It Zero Original - yesss! i finished off my Silky Girl Gel Makeup remover. so it was finally time to use this super raved balm. Honestly, i didn't really like the feeling in the beginning because it felt super oily and uncomfortable as it melts my makeup off. people even say it works as a cleanser directly. I was dumbfounded because I honestly did not really like the put-on feel to it. BUT! with a rinse after this it is more acceptable. So i alternate with my cleanser now so it won't be too harsh on my skin. This baby works super good removing all ugly stuffs from the face even though it did not felt like it. A more detailed review coming up soon!

Cleanser - Za Wash - As mentioned, i like my face squeaky clean. but just found out recently if i over wash it would make it dry. so now, I try to alternate my cleansers because i have's Clean It Zero. unless i felt extra oily and sweaty that day, then I'd go for an extra cleanse.

Toner - Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner - been hearing alot of good feedbacks for this toner range and decided to try it out! SUPER LOVE the fact that it comes in A SPRAY instead of the usual drip out style. easily used and i think saves so much because i can control the amount that goes on the face.
+ The Body Shop Essence Boost after 20mins layering

** Sheet Masks - Random Sheet Masks I have purchased to give my face the pampering boost.

Essence - Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence - has been one of the must buy for the brand, so i gave it a go! it has a thick texture and smells like sugar water to be really honest, mild one. being 96% Snail secretion, I find it nothing near disgusting at all. so it was okayy, as for results - my skin did really feels more healthier, but just don't expect drastics changes.

Moisturizer - Cosrx Power Repair Hydration Cream - blogged about it in details, you can read out it. it's at its tip of emptying right now.  i will be on a hunt for a hydrating moisturizer again.

Add-ons - ID.AZ Firming Sleeping Pack - for the final fix to get my V-shape and burn fats for my double chin, i end it with the firming sleeping mask that i've reviewed earlier that i received from Butterfly Project. It's running low too! so far has quite an impressive effect to the face after a months usage. totally helped with my double chin cause i used it on my focused double chin area and jawline.


I am no expert in skincare, and I don't have the perfect face. But other than my dark spots that i'm working on, I am safe to say I am happy with current Skincare routine! Every products have its own detailed first impression and review. feel free to check them out individually at the link of their respective product name. :)

Feel free to suggest some of your recommendations of Must-Haves on your face! and maybe some add-ons to mine as I notice people actually put in Essences for morning routines?
so I can switch around and find my holy grail.

until next magical day,