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Monday, July 8, 2019


When we talk about beauty, I personally believes that beauty comes from within - yes. aesthetically on the naked eyes are nice to see. but it's always the heart and personality that counts in the end right? As part of the questions asked to contestants during the Round 2 session, you'd have a good grip on each's own individual personality and charisma. I like the fact that they are focused on health whether is mentally or physically, having the right mind and body plays an important part for inner beauty. 

At the launch of this nation-wide search in May this year,  Soren Lauridsen, CEO, South East Asia, Guardian Health And Beauty Sdn Bhd said:   
This search for The Face of Healthy Beauty is NOT a Beauty contest. the Healthy Beauty, is a person who lives life to the fullest in a healthy way, and has a distinctive style and pleasant personality.  She is someone with a positive attitude, gives priority to being healthy first; and looks after her physical beauty too.

One hundred (100) shortlisted participants were selected to attend each  semi-final to be held at Johor Bahru City Square, Gurney Plaza Penang, Central i-City Mall Shah Alam and 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  Four semi-finalists from each region will attend the Grand Finals in Shah Alam on 27 July 2019. 

After a hard-fought semi-finals where each of the 25 shortlisted semi-finalists had to go through challenges that display their aptitude and personality to deservedly earn the title ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’, four finalists emerged to progress to the Grand Finals to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 27 July 2019. 

The FOUR finalists from the East Malaysia!
who will represent our the borneo team to the finals in to be to TOP 4;
Cruzellyn Alex
Elaine Audrey Lee
Palvinder Kaur A/P Savinder Singh
Vanessa Yoong Foong Woon
Congratulations and all the best! 

Each winner will sign a one-year contract as Guardian Brand Ambassador that comes with  RM10,000 cash, RM10,000 Guardian vouchers, and RM5,000 each for them to give to a charity organization of their choice. They will be featured on the Cover of Guardian’s Brand Catalogues and other collaterals and will receive products from participating sponsors.

I love how this is contributing so much to giving back to charitable organizations to empower something that they are passionate about. 


As a Guardian customers, you can vote, from 8 July – 24 July 2019 on the microsite, for your favourite finalist to win at the Grand Finals.  The votes received for each finalist will contribute towards 50% of the total scores at the Grand Finals. Customers can earn more votes with purchases at Guardian.  For one vote, no purchase is required; for 5 Votes, they need to purchase any item from Guardian and for 10 Votes, they need to purchase any participating sponsor brands in a single receipt.


If that particular contestant wins in the Grand Finals, then she will do a draw to pick her lucky voter. THAT COULD BE YOU AND ME! A total 4 draws will be done. Each Winner will pick 1 voter. The selected voter will be rewarded with RM500 worth of Guardian vouchers.

In addition to the four winners, there will be eight category winners to be awarded by sponsors.  
Most Healthy (Blackmores), Most Elegant (Bio-essence), Most Youthful (Garnier), Most Expressive Eyes (L'Oréal), Most Passionate (Maybelline), Most Confident (Nivea), Most Cheerful (Safi) and Most Charming (TRESemmé)

More details of the search, and to vote for your healthy beauty at 
maybe I should try out next year? all the best to Team Borneo! 


until next magical day,
Monday, July 1, 2019

SABORINO Morning Masks | Pink & Yellow PART 1

Have you tried out morning masking before? Been seeing BCL’s Saborino Masks around everywhere on social media and it got me curious to try the whole 60-sec morning masks. Took a while, finally decided to try it because it was on sale in Watson during their Mega Sale with a BUY1FREE1 Promo. the only best deal yet as these packs are quite expensive without the offers with RM60+ for a first timer who is pretty at risk to try out with a lum sum that much. 

So how this 60-sec mask will impress me? 
Do I not need my morning routine now? 
Let’s find out shall we?

As mentioned in my Chronotype post – I am not exactly a morning person since - ever, because I’d rather take that extra 15minutes to snooze than to really get up and going. Most of my morning are pretty simple and fast. So, hearing about a 1 minute mask did really caught my attention, and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it for the longest time! Plus, they have the cutest packaging! which explains the extra motivation to layout this product shoot! Resistance is harder when there is aesthetic appeal. Darn.  Thankfully the legit packaging is also very convenient and hygienic! It comes with a sturdy cap and extra seal, i kept the seal for assurance - and it doesn't leak even on flights! YAY!

Then it comes to which one should I get? Well, after the long long LONG decision making process – I went for ALL AVAILABLE MORNING MASK! I was in it to risk, but heck why not try out all since it was on BUY 1 FREE 1 - atleast now, everyone can have a rough idea on all the variety to match their needs. Yes. I got them all, mostly because of curiosity - i swear  only 40% was packaging.

Because I have started opening and alternating for these 2 variety, I will be reviewing them on separate 2 Part post!  Here’s the breakdown on the details on the sheet masks ; Please note that the pink one, is a more premier version - and it contains 28 sheets in it while the yellow is their regular range of 32 sheets.

THE TEXTURE is thicker and its not as wet as I expected it, so It doesn’t drip at all. It’s lightweight and sticks quite well. It really does feel like wet wipes on your face. No mess, no stress. The mask itself is quite thick for me, and honestly can be reused after you rinse it off with water, for stuffs you'd use for a wet wipes. I put on for abour 1-2mins sometimes 5mins to get the most of the mask.

THE SMELL YASS to fruity smells. I have a thing for citrusy scents, so they get extra brownie points just because they smell fresh! But the scent might be too overpowering for people who are sensitive the moment you put on the face, but quite mild once its out on your face for awhile.

THE PINK - has a fruity berry smell that i personally like
THE YELLOW - has a herby-citrus smell - not your common scent, so some might find it weird.

THE AFTER-FEEL left a cold tingling sensation that helps refreshes the face in the morning! But it left a sticky after-feel to it as per I read in some reviews. So how I solve this was use it after I brush my teeth – and then give my face a light splash of water after the mask to reduce the sticky feeling. Pat dry and you’ll have an amazingly fresh soft skin ready for extra moisture for dry skin types like me, sunblock and makeup.

FYI - first few day's session was quite painful as it stings my skin. I was a little worried at first, but to be fair, my skin was pretty dried out from the air-conditioning in the hotel when i first tried it. but it was a cooling sting and the moment u took it off there was no redness or any continued pain. 

REPURCHASE? Will consider, But it is not needed if you have a morning routine, it’s perfect for traveling though because you won’t be needing to bring your morning skincare by the bottles and tubs, we all need our night routines to tackle certain concerns but morning for me, that is vital is the sunblock. So yes if you’re a frequent traveler like me.


Tried the sheets out for almost 2 months everyday before I posted this, and safe to say – I quite enjoy it! As it did leave my face more hydrated. And the makeup stays quite well, doesn’t make my face oily throughout the day too. But I’m saving them mostly for my trips and alternating days if I am at home. 

There was not much reviews detailed enough to help me on decision making when I decided to get this, truth to be told, it is actually on the pricey side for a 1 month usage. But hey, never try never know right? I hope this post will be helpful for everyone who are seeing the hype and considering buying for yourself. 


I’d tryout the other 2 varieties once this packs are done! Here's a sneak peak on the upcoming packs!

Also, I have found a similar concept 90-sec masks too! From Hana & Kent – with their own sets of AM & PM 90-sec Masks. Should I give them a try and do a showdown? Leave a comment below if you’d like me to review on those. 

until next magical day,