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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Boost Serum Masks | Your Stress Free Vacation!

Let's give a big goodbye to Summer! it was the time of the year when themes were filled with vibrant colours of blue, yellow, red and a whole lot of summer beach vibes. Get your shades ready, because we will be skinny dipping into some really new products! Because... Here in Malaysia, it's an all year round of summer. with that said, Miniel Skinlab's Hydraque Collection will definitely make the cut to save our skin! 

Miniel Skinlab is a local brand focusing on minimalist skincare with ingredients that is suitable for all skin types; this product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free and EU allergen-free. I love supporting local brands, and its great to see more great people building their passion and sharing it to the world. As the brand focuses on minimalist, the ingredients and as well as packaging is at the best minimal yet vital.

came with the Stress Free Vacation kit ; A really nice summer vibe pouch which I am currently using for my beach necessities, A nice woven tote bag, Props that I've always contemplated to get for the summer flatlays, and the most thoughtfully waxed sealed letter. Thank you so much for the beautiful kit you have put up!


It took me awhile as I had been trying it out on-the-go, under air-conditioned. But to my surprise as I don't sleep in air-conditioned room, the serum was not sticky and absorbs so well! Both moisturizes and hydrates the skin, while they lock in goodness to retain the the elasticity of the skin!  which definitely promoted cell regeneration and removed dull dead skins at minimal effort! 

Hydraque Gel Mask is my favourite among the 2 lovely; Watery Gel - just look at that beautiful pool inspired blue. so beautiful. Not only did it show immediate effect upon rinse off, the key ingredients are pretty interesting with Kudzu Extract, Watermelon, Apple and Lentil apart for Sodium Hyaluronate. 

Their Hydraque Boost Serum, it is what is said to be, this mini tube packs quite a juice at 3 pumps; containing Yeast Extract and Hyaluronic Acid! its anti-aging and is retains hydration to your skin.  


  • THE GEL MASK WAS SOOTHINGLY BOUNCY, and addictive to scoop, the texture was bouncy, and jelly-like, but soft enough to spread. Transparent with a hint of blue, the colour is so soothing to the eye. kinda like aloe vera gels, As you spread on, it takes some time to dry, means it has jammed packed of hydrating abilities to work its magic? 
  • THE BOOST SERUM was super light-weighted, with a frosted glass pump i was expecting something thick, but it was light and easily absorb! probably less than a minute; which actually makes me uses it more on the face because i feel like its not enough sometimes; no sticky feeling at all! so happy and i approves! 

THE SMELL I have a thing for nice smelling skincares, so it was a yay for me because it smelled like fresh breeze, it wasn't ocean breeze. A nice fresh flower smell like i came out from the shower! but not as prominent; only during applications you'd smell it. So what has abit of watermelon too! which is partly the ingredients for the Gel mask!


  • LOVE THE AFTER FOR THE GEL MASK! IT WAS SO SOFT AND I FELT LIKE MY SKIN JUST GOT PLUMPER JUST ON THE FIRST TRY! - To be honest I was pretty addicted to the mask, but I didn't want to use it daily.
  • The serum was love as well, not as wow as the mask, but it absorbs well and blends well with my layering of other skincare. No stings not irritations, I was very happy with the soft feeling after it absorbs. 

THE PACKAGING a big shoutout to the simplicity to the packaging but so much awe because of the frosted glass that gives out a cooling vibe for the summer theme! It comes in quite sturdy and nice on the grip. the cover is light and easily sealed. Boxes are also simple with a hint of baby blue! definitely screams hydration no?

REPURCHASE? Yes, costing at RM97 for Boost Serum and RM67 for Gel Mask, they are quite affordable. I just wished it comes in a bigger tub. but they are perfect for Travel at 30ml & 50gm! I have been using it for my travel and I am down to my last 1/3. 


check out more details at the links below and get your own set of hydrating boost! 



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