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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

HIGH5JOOX Malaysia | Giveaway cash prizes worth up to RM110,000 for its 5th anniversary in Malaysia!

Malaysian music fans get a chance to grab the hottest gadgets, trendy items and cash prizes as they celebrate five years of music and entertainment from JOOX

In celebration of its fifth year delivering the best music and entertainment in the country, JOOX, Asia’s most dedicated music platform, is having a blowout for music fans in Malaysia with the latest High5JOOX Celebration, offering loads of prizes and fun giveaways – including the trendiest gadgets and electrifying cash prizes – that will get everyone moving, grooving and high-fiving to the beat!  

I want to win some gadgets and cash prize! 

Offer #1: High5JOOX Daily Check-In 
All JOOX users will get a chance to grab exciting prizes worth up to RM110,000, ranging from JOOX VIP access and RM500 cash giveaways to the most coveted gadgets such as iPad, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 5 and GoPro Hero 8 Black, via the High5JOOX Daily Check-In campaign! 

Here's HOW :
  1. From July 7 to August 2
  2. check in to JOOX for a chance to grab one prize each day!
  3. Check in daily for more than two days and you will get a higher chance!

5th Anniversary birthday bash, RM20,000 cash available!
The user who listens to music for the longest time on JOOX throughout the campaign period will get the biggest RM20,000 cash prize! 

Whether you tune in to the exclusive JOOX-produced K-Pop program IDOL STATION, the exclusive music crossover projects delivered by JOOX ORIGINALS, and the latest Korean blockbuster I-LAND featuring K-Pop dancing king Rain and Korean rapper Zico, or watch live streams and sing karaoke with your families and buddies, JOOX is just one click-away from your personal and daily music and entertainment party!

yay! time to stream those endless loops just like any day. Get prizes when listening to your faves? why not! get daily coins to redeem VIP days too! now I wish I am streaming for comebacks now with extra perks like this. haha

Offer #2: High5JOOX VIP Promotion 
To show appreciation to our fans, JOOX is running the 5th Anniversary Thankful Sale from now until July 31, offering users two appealing options:

#1: JOOX is offering a special monthly subscription at a low price of RM9.90 (original price:RM12.90)! That's RM3 OFF! at about 25% OFF Deal!

Buy 1- month VIP and receive 1-month VIP free (2 months in total)
Buy 3-month VIP and receive 2-month VIP free (5 months in total)
Why the wait? Sign up now:

The JOOX VIP plan allows users to enjoy more privileges than a free user. A VIP user can play all the songs on JOOX with no advertisement, enjoy unlimited downloads and receive Karaoke plus (K-Plus), which lets users sing karaoke and record without limits.

#More Celebrations Coming Up

JOOX will also giveaway more gifts to celebrate its birthday! You can enjoy an artist’s online concert and vote for your favorite artists and songs soon, so stay tuned for the latest updates from JOOX. 
Let’s put on those dancing shoes, and get ready to shake and groove along with the best and brightest music stars as we celebrate five years of high-quality, high-energy and high-fivin’ music from JOOX! 

With more than 30 million songs in its music library from all over the world, JOOX connects users to their favourite artists, songs, albums and personalized playlists. Users can discover great new music of any genre with recommended songs and radio stations that fit their taste and mood. 


Enjoy your favourite music and live performances anytime, anywhere by downloading the JOOX app on mobile and desktop on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website

until next magical day,

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Workout with Shapellx Bodysuits | Sponsored


Stuck in quarantine has been everyone’s routine lately. As it leads to binge eating or the struggles to be productive, many of us go through it daily during covid-19 lockdown. Have you been productive? Did you know I started working out? During the entire lockdown duration, I have successfully lost 8kg! it’s still a little more till I achieve my goal. But my fitness habit has nonetheless been very fruitful.

I use to have excuses and dread exercising because I didn’t like sweating. Turns out that it has to be done if I ever wish to lose that shed of fats on me along with eating cleaning and sleeping more on a timely basis. A healthy living consists of a variety other external stuffs that can help boost that journey! I know it could be hard and dreadful sometimes, the torment during those push-ups and planks but it will be all worth it when you finally get to the scale and see good sustainable results.

Along the way, we have supplements, detoxification drinks, and even to habitual intermittent fasting from the intake category. While others would be best waist trainers for women, workout gears like dumbbells that encourages you to workout at home. To add on, there are great motivational workout videos and challenges online on Youtube to get you pumped up and just do it!

Excuses are the biggest failure to weight lose, and with pretty much everything you need can be owned and be done from the comfort of your own home. Now that I have lose weight and nearing my goal, I wish I had know wearing proper attire would help shape my body better. offers shapewears and bodysuits that is perfect for workouts. My thighs and abs would’ve had an extra push if I had them on. Seems like one of their bestseller is their waist and thigh trainersMy squats and lunges would’ve been more effective no? Available in plus sizes on their websites as well, it’s a great form of encouragement to lose weight!

Feel free to check out their website for their current offers and deals with reasonably prices products 

Until next magical day,

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Reflections on MCO – Mother Earth is Healing

Hey hey! Been away from blogging since end of 2019 and haven’t gotten to properly plan out contents for the blog although there were some drafts sitting around. As I have been busy planning for my Europe trip on extension from a business trip, and then the whole Covid-19 virus broke out. Time got in the way as we prepare to Work-From-Home, and as things settled down now. Everything is much more in order now. 

How is everyone going through their Lockdown for Covid-19 Circuit Break lately? 
With the lockdown in place; I did some self-reflections on my own and to get to know myself a little more. To be really honest, I am forever grateful and thankful for this opportunity to actually slow down and take some time to plan for myself and working from home has made it so much easier to balance between work and personal. I know it kinda sounds contradicting – like what?

But with everything within steps away and time are more organized nicely. It makes things planned out executed on-time because there is less distractions. Partly is also because I don’t have family commitments like a child or those kind of responsibility yet. But it’s it good time to reflect and to get to know ourselves more don’t you think?

There is much more ‘me’ time now because we’re probably surviving from social deprive. Human touch is definitely needed some times where you miss loved ones and the family. But it started to move towards working on myself more now that there is so much spared ‘me’ time. 

My long excused to exercise has finally moved into the schedule

My pending drafts and ideas are moving into the next steps of progress

The book I’ve always wanted to writing is structuring more legit

The food I eat now are more cautious and healthy

The journals of reflections are updated timely

If you look at it positively, it is actually a hidden blessing for both Mother Earth and for us who has always been working in a fast pace environment where we survive to earn a living to a appreciate life more by spend more time on self-reflections and development and even getting to know ourselves more. Practicing self-love was difficult as I have always been insecure and well, take into account on other feelings and as I reflected, most of the things I have been doing are not exactly what I wanted to do. It’s just do for the need of it, or things to keep me busy. From there, time management was one of the first few skills that I have learnt. And boyyy! Once you’re sorted that out, life feels more productive.

Having that said, I have finally prepped up the blog again and will be writing more freely! 

Until next magical day,