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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Workout with Shapellx Bodysuits | Sponsored


Stuck in quarantine has been everyone’s routine lately. As it leads to binge eating or the struggles to be productive, many of us go through it daily during covid-19 lockdown. Have you been productive? Did you know I started working out? During the entire lockdown duration, I have successfully lost 8kg! it’s still a little more till I achieve my goal. But my fitness habit has nonetheless been very fruitful.

I use to have excuses and dread exercising because I didn’t like sweating. Turns out that it has to be done if I ever wish to lose that shed of fats on me along with eating cleaning and sleeping more on a timely basis. A healthy living consists of a variety other external stuffs that can help boost that journey! I know it could be hard and dreadful sometimes, the torment during those push-ups and planks but it will be all worth it when you finally get to the scale and see good sustainable results.

Along the way, we have supplements, detoxification drinks, and even to habitual intermittent fasting from the intake category. While others would be best waist trainers for women, workout gears like dumbbells that encourages you to workout at home. To add on, there are great motivational workout videos and challenges online on Youtube to get you pumped up and just do it!

Excuses are the biggest failure to weight lose, and with pretty much everything you need can be owned and be done from the comfort of your own home. Now that I have lose weight and nearing my goal, I wish I had know wearing proper attire would help shape my body better. offers shapewears and bodysuits that is perfect for workouts. My thighs and abs would’ve had an extra push if I had them on. Seems like one of their bestseller is their waist and thigh trainersMy squats and lunges would’ve been more effective no? Available in plus sizes on their websites as well, it’s a great form of encouragement to lose weight!

Feel free to check out their website for their current offers and deals with reasonably prices products 

Until next magical day,