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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

My KDrama binge is settled with YOODO! the 100% Customisable Mobile Plan!

 hello magical people! 

A kpop fan? 

A gamer? 

A kdrama addict? 

A music streamer? 

well, checklist for me because I just might have found my reason to switched my loyalty of 15years from #iwillfollowyou to Yoodo! #youdoitbetter is a catchy hashtag i might add!

Truthfully, as we are stuck at home during these time, it was great to be able to adjust on the costs. I went from a RM120 plan to a RM80 and even down to RM48 recently to realize I didn't really need to pay so much for data, calls nor SMS. so why did I switch? I guess i was interested in the young yet empowering community in Yoodo. Something unique as they acknowledges the current trends and accomodates to the needs of younger generations who are definitely the majority users of mobile phones nowadays. Although I may fall in between, because I do need to use the phone for work quite often, so calls still quite important. As we had the session with CEO, Chow Tuck Mun - it was nice to see management engaging directly and sharing that they acknowledges the current on-going trends and is opne to listen for feedbacks as a community.

I am a regular user of Joox Spotify for my Kpop streaming needs and day-to-day musics. And then there is my daily kdrama dose from Netflix and Viu my recent kdrama second lead #teamjipyeong streaming addiction was at no problem! Gamers obviously had a joy ride with free PUBG all the way!

so planning my month-to-month mobile plan was a great way to not only manage expenses, but also helps me prioritize according to my budget. Well, it wasn't even expensive to begin with so it was definitely a steal. So again? same same price, what so special aside from flexibility? The events and giveaways got me interested. Kpop fans go crazy for concert tickets! PLEASE BRING GOT7 FOR ME. but yeah, who knows? I might just be the lucky few right? I mean, to be really honest. I hopped on for the flexibility. 

Obviously in thoughts that these are also perfect for my parents with setups as low as RM12 for the basics! Enough to not complicate things and say good bye to prepaid expiring credits. Consider it hops on to Celcom's coverage, I have been getting alot of good recommendations for their line especially in the outskirts, so definitely another plus point there! 

Here's more good news!  

Throughout December, Yoodo will be carrying out a series of giveaways to celebrate this Season of Giving. New users and current Yoodo users alike can look forward to rewards and prizes with two different giveaway campaign (Ho! Ho! Holiday Giveaway and Rewarding Everyday Heroes)

Prizes include Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Apple AirPods Pro, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game Diamonds. For those looking to get these presents under their Christmas tree, all they have to do is perform specific actions tied to each gift category – such as spend RM50 and above in a single transaction or even simply purchase a 7GB data booster. 

The campaign ends on 31 December 2020.

These special rewards come on the heels of Yoodo’s latest promotion - Double Special. For a limited time, users will enjoy doubled high-speed data quotas at no additional cost. With this new promo, users can get a combined total (including data add-ons) of 50GBs at RM35, 70GBs at RM55 under the recommended plans or as usual, they can simply customise and create their own plans to suit their personal needs. Yoodo users simply have to select from the list of doubled-up data plans when they sign up and customise their plans. 

So much deals to end the year with a much better side. | facebook

Launched in January 2018, Yoodo is an independent digital mobile service that is owned and operated by Celcom Axiata Berhad. It offers the country’s first truly customisable mobile service with complete transparency, flexibility and customer convenience.  

until next magical day,


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