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Experience Japan for a year. To go ice skatingUSA state hopping. To own a soft ice cream machine at home.  Travel to Europe with future husband. To own a little zakka cafĂ©. Visit Disneyland & DisneySea. Visit Universal Studio. Start a Business. Mini craft cabinet. Light a floating lantern. Scholarships for masters studies. Learn about scents/aroma therapy. Hang white Christmas LED lights along bedside. Get penpals. Be part of WWF. To make my own paper. Fully fill a sketchbook with drawings. Make the best tasting waffles. Send out greeting cards on a regular basis. To be part of SPCAKK actively.  Make own awesome popsicles. Eat all ice cream flavours.

found a project i thought would be good at helping people to set goals and live a YOLO life as i was going through inspirational blogs, and i actually had a bucket listing ideas for sometime now. so i finally tried it out myself and seriously look forward in doing all the listed activities, 
an entire lifetime to check them all. 
will be adding more as time goes.

go on, have a try! start small. and make sure you try to tick them out in life!
here's some other blogs with really inspiring lists!

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